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  • BALI - Every Sunday "Car Free Day"
  • SURABAYA 1 - Every Wednesday "Medical Check Up at El Victor Radio"
  • SURABAYA 2 - Tgl 13 & 27 Desember 2018 "Medical Check Up at Suara Muslim"
  • TULUNGAGUNG - Every Wednesday "Medical Check Up at Perkasa Radio"
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Your Body Health Number

Examination or check-up is very important as one of the ways to prevent serious diseases.... Read more

Ayurveda and Yoga

Discover the secrets of Health and Youthfulness..Join Yoga with AYURVEDA AV Every SUNDAY at 17.00 (Central Indonesia Time) Renon Square (east of Bajra Sandhi Monument).... Read more

TRICLEANSE™ Solution to Your Body Detoxification

The human body is a marvelous piece, like a machine that works continuously. Even when we sleep, the body is working to improve themselves.... Read more

Detoxification To Stay Healthy and Younger

Our body has the power of healing itself if we take a good care of it. Most people feel themselves healthy.... Read more

Detoxification + Ayurveda AV

In the instant paced life, faster and more sophisticated, many products are processed quickly.... Read more

Detoxification with Vegetables and Fruits

One way to maintain health is to detoxify. Lecturer Faculty of Medicine, University of Mataram, NTB, dr E Hagni Wardoyo said.... Read more

Healthy Tips in Ramadan

While fasting, the consumption of tea should be reduced because tea is diuretic which makes frequent urination.... Read more

Puasa + Ayurveda AV

Some of the benefits of fasting are very beneficial for physical health, and they go hand in hand with the efficacy of AYURVEDA AV.... Read more

What is Heartburn ?

Heartburn is a familiar name from one of the disorders in the digestive system. In the healthcare world, the term used is peptic ulcer.... Read more

The Beauty and The Mighty...

Women are the principle members of the family unit, doing a full day's work, a career outside the home, looking after the children, doing domestic works and also satisfying the needs of their husbands... Read more

Simple Ways to Detoxify the Body ...

Detoxification : The process of removing toxins from the body. Detox is important to be done to keep the body healthy and fit. Here are some simple ways that can be done daily.... Read more

Work Mechanism of Ayurveda AV Herbs

The composition of each Ayurveda herb is made balanced naturally. Therefore, to obtain maximum effectiveness.... Read more

The basic principle of Ayurveda for natural healthy living

Wake up soon before sunrise.Drink warm water 2-4 cups directly (for a new start, it can be done little by little).... Read more

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