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AV Asmo
• AV Asmo

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POM TI 104 341 851

Asthma is an inflammatory disease (inflammation) chronic respiratory condition in which the bronchial airways narrowed due to a reaction to certain stimuli, which in turn causes inflammation. The cause is the narrowing of the bronchial airways that is triggered by various stimuli, such as pollen, dust, animal dander, smoke, cold air and excessive exercise.

Asthma Symptoms :
In general, the symptoms of asthma are,

  • Shortness of breath,
  • Cough with phlegm,
  • Wheezing sound.

These symptoms often arise in the morning before the dawn. It is because of the low levels of cortisol hormone balance in the morning and other factors, such as air temperature.

Respiratory Track and Asthma

For people with asthma, they will complain of shortness of breath because the air cannot flow smoothly on narrow airways during breathing and it also causes wheezing sound during breathing.

Causes of Asthma Attack

  • Genetic Aspects.
  • Possible allergy.
  • Easily stimulated airways.
  • The materials in the room :
    • House dust
    • Animals/Insects
  • The materials outdoors :
    • Pollen
    • Mushrooms
  • Certain foods, preservatives, flavoring, food coloring.
  • Certain drugs.
  • Perfume, odors stimulate, household spray.
  • Excessive expression of emotion.
  • Smoke from active and passive smokers.
  • Air pollution from outdoor and indoor.
  • Respiratory infection.
  • Exercise induced asthma, asthma relapse while doing some physical activities.
  • Changes in weather.

In facing the current environmental conditions when the quality of the environment deteriorates, the fresh air reduced and where the pollution occurs everywhere (industrial pollution even household pollution), it is necessary to maintain the strength from within. By doing this, the body will naturally be able to cast out all forms of the disorder attacking the respiratory tract. Because the respiratory tract affects the intake of oxygen in our body.

AV Asmo for a Healthy Lung and Respiratory

Ayurveda Herbal Combination AV in AV Asmo is a patent herbal formula that does not contain steroids. And it is very safe to use to maintain health and strengthen the lungs as well as respiratory system in the long term without dependence effect.

     The Compositions of AV Asmo 460 mg

     Adhatoda Vasica extract 150 mg

  • Relieves bronchial airways passage.
  • Provides a gentle and safe relief for asthma sufferers’ breathing difficulties.
     Saussurea Lappa extract 25 mg

  • Anti-asthma.
  • Expectorants as mucus/phlegm thinner.
  • Helps excrete mucus/phlegm.
  • Eases common cold and breathing disorders.
     Forskholin 4 % extract 100 mg

  • Relieves asthma and respiratory track.
  • Safe for long term use.
     Innula extract 25 mg

  • Reduces allergic reactions and relieves respiratory track.
  • Reduces chest pain due to coughing.
     Curcumin extract 75 mg

  • Anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory.
  • Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant.
     Piper ningrum extract 10 mg

  • Improves assimilation of herbal ingredients.
     Ocinum Sanctum extract 25 mg

  • Expands airways.
  • Eases the excretion of mucus/phlegm.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Increases endurance.
     Alpina Galanga extract 50 mg

  • Relieve asthma and blockage due to mucus/phlegm.

  • Helps relieve cough with phlegm and eases breathing.
  • Helps relieve coughs or problems due to the effect of smoking.
  • Helps protect and improve the elasticity of the lung muscles.
  • Helps relieve ASTHMA.
  • Controls histamine.
  • Helps control respiratory function.
  • Relieves allergic respiratory disorders.
  • Dilutes mucus/phlegm and eases excretion.
  • Strengthens the lung tissue .
  • Prevents and cures shortness of breath.

     DOSAGE: 1 until 2 capsules daily after meal.
     Contraindication: within 1,5 hours,

     after using the product, it is advised not to use other inhaler products.

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