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AV Circulo
• AV Circulo

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Circulatory system is a system that regulates and flows blood in the body. In the system of blood circulation, the blood flows throughout the body parts (organs) of the body continuously to ensure the supply of oxygen and other vital substances that serve as nutrients to keep the body organs function properly.

Circulatory System Disorders

Blood circulation throughout the body is run by the main pumping means called the heart and the vascular system as the diverter/distributor.

The blood vessels are easily described as an elastic hose whose diameter can enlarge or wane. This elastic characteristic is very useful to maintain a stable blood pressure. In normal condition, when the pressure in the blood vessels increases, the diameter of blood vessels widens as to adapt reducing excessive pressure to be normal. In contrast to this, the diameter of blood vessels wanes when blood pressure drops. When the blood vessels have stiffness, they will become less flexible and therefore cannot anticipate the increase/decrease in blood pressure.

The elasticity of the blood vessels can be lessens/become stiff, due to factors as follows :

  • As the body ages (e.g. calcification on the wall), blood pressure in elderly people tend to be slightly higher than in younger people.

  • Deposits of cholesterol on the inner walls of blood vessels, cholesterol also causes constriction of blood vessels. Stiff blood vessels will cause hypertension (high blood pressure), even though not all high blood pressure is caused vascular stiffness. When the blood vessels become stiff and accompanied by constriction of the blood vessels in the majority of a person's body, the blood pressure can be very high (severe hypertension).

Blood pressure
Blood pressure is the pressure caused by circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels and refers to the condition when the heart pumps blood to the whole human body.

The process of blood pumping produces systolic blood pressure which usually ranges at 100-120 mmHg. The reversing blood process and the close of valve main artery (aorta) conjure images of diastolic pressure which usually ranges between 70-80 mmHg.

Blood pressure is created by taking two sizes and usually measured as follows - 120/80 mmHg. Through the measurement of blood pressure, we will get the numbers referring to the Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure. Higher number (120) is obtained when the heart contracts (systolic), and a lower number (80) is obtained when the heart relaxes (diastolic).

Blood pressure less than 120/80 mmHg is defined as "normal". In high blood pressure, an increase in systolic and diastolic pressures usually happens. Hypertension usually occurs in the blood pressure 140/90 mmHg or above.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition in which there is an increase in blood pressure chronically (long-term). Patients who have pressure at least 140/90 mm Hg at a relaxed condition are likely to have high blood pressure condition.

Hypertension Effects on organs

Low blood pressure or hypotension
is a condition where the blood pressure is very low that is below 90/60 mmHg. When the heart rhythm and heart contraction weaken, the blood pressure will be low. The very low blood flow lowers blood ability to supply oxygen and nutrients sufficient to vital organs such as the brain, heart, and kidneys. This condition will cause the improper function of body and may cause a permanent damage.

SYSTOLIC (first number)
DIASTOLIC (second number)
   Low blood pressure/hypotension
Under 90
Under 60
90 - 120
60 - 80
   High blood pressure/hypertension
   (stadium 1)
140 - 160
90 - 100
   High blood pressure/hypertension
   (stadium 2) - DANGEROUS
Above 160
Above 100

Understand Your Blood Pressure :
If the blood pressure is too high , a risk of ruptured blood vessels and bleeding in the brain may happen.
If the blood pressure is too low, the blood is unable to supply enough oxygen and nutrients to body cells. This will intensify the risk of permanent organ damage.

Maintain Your Blood Circulation
The body organs that need most blood in a short time are the brain and kidneys. Within a minute, about 20% of blood flow in those organs. Because the brain needs oxygen and kidneys serves to clean the blood from harmful substances that harm the body.

Take care of your HEART
The heart needs to be taken care of in order to function properly. Coronary heart disease is one of the dangerous diseases that can cause heart attacks. Avoid its RISK. Determine the RIGHT way so that our hearts stay healthy.

AV Circulo For a Healthy Heart and Circulatory

AV Circulo consists of a combination of Asian herbs proven to be useful to protect the heart and improve cardiac function. The combination of plant extracts results in an increase of blood flow into the heart and stabilizes the heart's contraction and stabilizes blood pressure when taken regularly.

AV Circulo offers the best protection for our heart and provides a natural alternative to long-term drug therapy without undesirable effects. It should be combined with AV Unilipid to control cholesterol levels in the normal figure when necessary.

     The Compositions of AV Circulo 555 mg

     Terminalia Arjuna extract 150 mg

  • Protects the heart.
  • Lowers blood pressure and relieves cardiac pain.
     Howthorn Root extract 100 mg

  • Improves circulation and nutrition to the heart and improves coronary blood vessels.
  • Scrapes cholesterol deposits in the arteries.
  • Inproves the function of heart and stabilizes blood pressure.
     Forskolin 4% extract 100 mg

  • Improves the circulation of the heart.
  • Reduces the formation of blood clots that cause stroke.
     Whitania Somnifera extract 100 mg

  • As an anti-stress.
     Boerhaavia Diffusa extract 100 mg

  • Has a high diuretic power, so it is prioritized for the heart with acute retention.
     Piper Longum extract 5 mg

  • Improves the overall formula work and improves absorption by the body.

  • Stabilizes blood pressure.
  • Strengthens the heart muscle.
  • Smoothens the circulation of blood.
  • Stabilizes the needs of oxygen in the blood.
  • Scrapes and cleans up cholesterol deposits in blood vessels.
  • Increases vitality.

     DOSAGE : 2 capsules daily after meals in the morning and evening

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