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  • BALI - Every Sunday "Car Free Day"
  • SURABAYA 1 - Every Wednesday "Medical Check Up at El Victor Radio"
  • SURABAYA 2 - Tgl 13 & 27 Desember 2018 "Medical Check Up at Suara Muslim"
  • TULUNGAGUNG - Every Wednesday "Medical Check Up at Perkasa Radio"
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Suffered from Heart Disease
Ibu Endang

"Suffered from Heart Disease"

Suffered from Chronic Gastritis
Mrs Ni Wayan Sumiati
28 years old - Sidakarya Denpasar Bali

I often felt heartburn, that was followed by shortness of breath, dizzy, and nausea. I suffered it for years, I healed for a while but it came again, and so on. Finally I was introduced to Ayurveda AV by my husband's family and I also heard about it from RRI Radio Denpasar. By this herbal from Ayurveda AV, I was advised to consume AV Gastro, AV Liv Act, and AV Vita F with dosage it twice a day. I had to eat on time. Then, gradually my condition's getting better. I rarely felt shortness of breath and dizzy since that. After 3 months consuming 3 kinds of herbals, I really healed and my chronic gastritis was not the problem anymore. Thank you Ayurveda AV.

Suffered from Migraine, Anemia dan Vertigo
Mrs A. A. A. Yuli A. Maharani
35 years old - Kapal-Bali

In the beginning, I often felt migraine, and my eyes were sore whenever I looked at sunlight. The window in my room must be closed when I took a nap in the noon because I couldn't help by the light. I even was afraid to go out of my house in the noon because I felt the world's spinning and nausea. I was called Dracula by my family, husband, and children as I sleep in the noon and go out only at night. In the morning, when I woke up, I wasn't fit at all. Apparently I got anemia because I lacked of sleep and eat which meant I lack of nutrition too. My blood pressure was always low, heart beated faster and often forget anything. Thank God I knew Ayurveda AV from RRI Radio Denpasar which really helped me to overcome my problems. At first, I consumed only AV Circulo with dosage twice a day, every morning and evening. After the fourth day, I felt like I'm having brand new day. I could sleep earlier without having trouble sleeping in the night, as well as in the morning when I woke up, I wasn't dizzy anymore, and the important is I'm not afraid anymore to sunlight. I also checked my blood pressure and it's normal. Then, I continued with consuming AV Vita F to boost my stamina and strengthen my reproductive organ so that when I'm on my period, I won't get anemia. Thank God, I never feel all those problems anymore. Until now, I always take care of my health with Ayurveda AV. Thank you, Ayurveda AV.

Suffered from urinary tract infection and rheumatic
Mrs Ni Made Mendri
62 years old - Jl. Tukad Balian. Wirasatya IX / No. 5 Sidakarya Denpasar Bali

In the beginning, I always felt fatigue, particularly when I was about to sleep in the night as well as when I woke up in the morning. It happened quite long time. Not only that, I also experienced dysuria so every time I took a pee, it always hurted and my urine went haltingly. Then I heard about Ayurveda AV from RRI Radio Denpasar. I consumed AV Uri K, AV Liv Act, AV MBJ, and AV Metacare. Thank God, a month after consuming them, I cured. I never experienced dysuria and fatigue anymore. I always take care of my health, drink water regularly, and consume Ayurveda AV ever since. Thank you Ayurveda AV.

Suffered from Prolonged Cough and Lungs
Mr I Nyoman Cindra
63 years old - Sidakarya Denpasar Bali

The problems I had were disorder in the lungs and prolonged cough. Those were bother either my activities and my sleep time in the night. After I heard an information about Ayurveda AV from RRI Radio Denpasar. I consumed AV Liv Act, AV Asmo with dosage 2x2. After 3 months consuming AV Liv Act and AV Asmo, I felt my body was healthier, I healed. Thank you Ayurveda AV.

Suffered from Chronic Gastritis and Dizzy
Mrs Mariyam
44 years old - Ds. Ngasem Rejomulyo Kras Kediri

Before consuming Ayurveda AV, I often felt dizzy, low blood pressure, and fainted when I was in high school. The rhythm of my heartbeat was uncontrolled. Hearing the information about Ayurveda AV from RWS Radio Kediri, I started consuming AV Circulo, AV Gastro, AV Liv Act, and AV Memvita with dosage 3x2. I consumed them regularly. And slowly the dosage was decreased to 2x2. Thank God, now I feel better and almost never get dizzy. Praise to God Ayurveda recovered my health. Until now, I still consume Ayurveda AV to maintain my health. I even become Ayurveda AV distributor in Kras Kediri area. Let's live healthily with Ayuveda AV.

Suffered from Sinusitis, Chronic bronchitis, and swollen heart
Mrs Hj. Supiatun
61 Tahun - Ds. Gampengrejo-Kediri

At that time, I felt my chest was in pain all of sudden and hurted when breathing. Even my nose was smelly when I breath. After I did check up to doctor, I was diagnosed sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, and swollen heart. In two weeks, I went back and forth to the hospital but there was no changing. Then I heard information about Ayurveda AV in RWS radio. I was interested to do check up in Mrs Sita's Griya Sehat (House of Healthy). I was suggested to take AV Circulo, AV MBJ, AV Metacare, AV Asmo, and AV Liv Act with dosage 2x2. I consume them regularly. In about 3 weeks, my disease was all healed. I still consume Ayurveda AV to maintain my health.

Suffered from Cyst (Mrs Alis) dan Suffered from Kidneys Disorder and Low Vitality (Mr Aji)
Mrs. Alis & Mr. Aji
30 years old - Ds. Kras-Kediri

I was diagnosed cyst and hard to get pregnant. I checked up to doctor but there's no progress. Hearing an information about Ayurveda AV from RWS Radio Kediri, I decided to check up in Mrs Sita's Griya Sehat. After my husband and I did check up with Quantum, we knew that we both had a problem in our vitality. I was suggested to consume AV Vita F, AV Metacare with dosage 2x2 and AV Uri K, AV Gastro, AV Colex, AB MBJ, and AV Vita M with dosage 3x2 for my husband. Thank God, after consuming for a month an half, I got pregnant.

Testicles Got Bigger
3 years old - Ds. Kras-Kediri

When he was 3 months old, Hisyam and his mother came to Ayurveda AV's Griya Sehat to do check up because his testicles were getting bigger. Then he consumed AV MBJ, AV Metacare, AV Uri K with dosage 2x2. After 1 month consuming Ayurveda AV, he totally healed and his testicles got normal.

Suffered from Prostate Disorder
Mr Kusnan
69 years old - Ds. Warungjayeng-Nganjuk

At that time, my urination didn’t go out smoothly and it's not comfortable to pray. Time by time, I can't take pee and should be placed a tube. Then I heard information about Ayurveda AV from RWS Radio Kediri. Then I came to Mrs Sita's Griya Sehat to do check-up with Quantum. Apparently my prostate was swelling and inflamed. I consumed AV Uri K, AV Metacare, AV MBJ, and AV Vita M with dosage 3x2 until 3 times prescriptions. Thank God, I can put off my tube and take a pee smoothly. Until now, If I have a problem in my urine, I will go to Mrs Sita's Griya Sehat as I proved the efficacy of Ayurveda AV by the healing of my prostate. Thank you Ayurveda AV.

Cerebal Palsy
4 years old - Jl. Sudimoro gg. 13 no. 11a Malang

In the age of 2 years old, Tegar with his mother came to Ayurveda AV's Griya Sehat after hearing from KDS Radio Malang. His condition was couldn't talk, without energy, hardly to move his body, couldn't wake up by himself and couldn't sit. This condition happened because when he was a baby, he got Cerebral Palsy because of high fever followed by spasm. After consuming AV Memvita, AV MBJ, and AV Metacare, there's gradually progress. He could move his hands and feet, appetite got better. After a month consuming Ayurveda AV, he could wake up by himself without any help. After 2 months, he could sit. The treatment's continued until he's 4 years old. Now, Tegar can bike and appetite gets better.

Suffered from Cyst
Mrs Samiati
42 years old - Jl. Kendalsari barat 1B no 13 Malang

In the beginning, when I was on my period, I always had menstrual cramp followed by dizzy. Sometimes I couldn't do my activities. A lot of vaginal discharge and smelly. Non current defecation, painful and stiff lower stomach. Hearing an information about Ayurveda AV from RRI Pro 4 Radio Malang, I started consuming AV Vita F with dosage 3x1. Vaginal discharge and menstrual cramp were decreasing. After a month, the pain has gone. After 3 months consuming AV Vita F and AV Metacare, cyst has also gone.
Suffered from Breast Cancer
Mrs Susi A Shinta
51 years old - Jl. M. T. Hariono gg II no. 482 Dinoyo

A year ago, Ayurveda AV held a Car Free Day event. Mrs Susi, one of the visitors said that he had lumps in her breast: 3 small lumps, and 1 big hard lump. When touched, it hurted. She had low stamina and often got dizzy followed by nausea. After checking up, she was advised to consume AV Vita F and AV Metacare. At first, she consumed 1 blister. In a day, every 2 hours consumed 2 capsules. Then dosage changed to 3x2. In 2 weeks, dizzy and nausea reduced. After consuming in a month, those lumps was getting softer, body was getting fitter. After 2 months the small lumps were getting smaller. After 5 months, the small lumps gone and the big lump was getting smaller. Until now, she still consumes AV Vita F and AV Metacare, the big lump is getting smaller to marble-sized.

Suffered from Heart Disease and Peptic Ulcer
Mrs Sri Murinsiyah
78 years old - Perum. Karanglo Indah Blok A no 21 Malang

Mrs Sri is a KDS Radio Malang's listener who has proved the efficacy of Ayurveda AV. Before consuming Ayurveda AV, she often felt dizzy even vertigo and nausea, cold sweat even fainted. It often happened. Blood pressure was always high even until 200/120. At that time her hands and the whole body became numb and faint. After consuming AV Gastro, AV Liv Act, and AV Circulo with dosage 3x1 in a month, the symptoms were getting relieved. Nausea and dizzy decreased. She even rarely gets vertigo. Her blood pressure is normal, 120/80.

Suffered from Diabetes
Mrs Supriyati
47 years old- Jl. Bamban no 363 Asrikaton Malang

Mrs Supriyati is a listener of KDS Radio Malang who has proved the efficacy of Ayurveda AV.)
I often felt nausea, fatigue, no energy, and no appetite. I lost weight from 52 kg to 47 kg. After check-up, I knew that my blood pressure was 300 and gastric acid was high. 1 week before coming to Ayurveda Av’s Griya Sehat in Malang, I went to the hospital because of gastric problem. Then I consumed AV DIASOL and AV GASTRO with dosage 3X2. After 3 days nausea decreased and I could eat. Before that I always spit my food out. 1 month after, blood sugar decreased to 210. 2 months later, my blood sugar was 128 and my weight was 48 kg. After 4 months of consumption my blood sugar level was stable in 120 and weight was 50 kg. Until now I still consume AV DIASOL with a dosage 1X1 and AV Gastro wih dosage 2x1.

Suffered from Uric Acid

Mr. Winiswara Hartody
Jl Asparaga 44 tegalsari Tulungrejo,Pare- Kedirii

The first symptom I felt were high level of uric acid and pain in my feet until i couldn’t walk and my hips felt burning. If those happened, I only massaged my feet, consumed pain killer, and a medicine to lower uric acid. In 2011, the pain's getting worse I couldn't do my activities. I checked to doctor and I had to go through a sequence of tests and x-ray. The result of my test said that there's a kidney stone inside the right one and the left one's swelling. I had to do surgery. The doctor even said, if I didn't do the surgery, I'd get kidney failure. Thank God, then I knew Ayurveda AV. I consumed AV Uri K and AV MBJ. The first week consuming them, my hips was really painful, even when I moved. I saw there's sediment in my urine. Sometimes tiny stones. The first two weeks, it's getting more painful. I was nearly gave up but my family supported me. But, thank God after 3 weeks, it’s less pain and started to vanish after 1 month. Thank God after 3 months, my kidneys healed and uric acid level was normal.

Suffered from Rectal Bleeding
Miss Alifa
25 years old - Jl. Nanggungan baron Nganjuk

I knew and consumed Ayurveda in 2013 when I, Alifa Salsabila (Illa) was 13. At that time, when I defecate, it's followed by blood. I checked to doctor twice, but no progress. The doctor even diagnosed me gut cancer. Then I browsed and heard Ayurveda AV's talkshow in RWS Radio Kediri. Bismillah, I was sure to go to Ayurveda AV. After consultation and check-up by Mrs. Sita, Pare, Kediri, I was given AV Metacare and AV Gastro with dosage 3x2. The first I consumed them, my stomach was painful. After few days I consumed them, it took so long to defecate and a lump popped out from anus. Still, there's a blood but only a few. Mrs Risa said it was hemorrhoids so she added AV MBJ to my treatment. Therefore I consumed AV Gastro, AV Metacare, and AV MBJ. Thank God, after a month consuming 3 products of Ayurveda AV, I healed until now. And I still consumed Ayurveda AV as my health investment

Suffered from Heart Failure
Fahriana Hanifah
43 years old - Jl. Nanggungan baron Nganjuk

I woke up in the morning and faint. I couldn't walk and it was really painful. I did check up again with Mrs Risa in Pare Kediri. My uric acid level was normal, blood sugar level was normal, cholesterol level was normal. Yet, after I did Quantum check up, my left heart chamber was getting weak and I had problem in my liver. Then I consumed regularly AV Uri K, AV Circulo, and AV Liv Act for about 3-4 months. Thank God, now I healed, healthy, and fit. Even my vertigo has gone.
Cervix Inflammation (the wife) & Less Viscosity of Sperm (the husband)
Mrs Nita Dwi & Mr Soni Eka
23 & 29 years old - Dsn Gayungan Sukoanyar Pakel Tulungagung

We've been married for 4.5 years. Yet until our 2.5 marriage, we still didn't have a child. According to our doctor, we had no problem. The first time I did check-up in Mrs Risa's place in Pare Kediri, we've been told that my husband has less viscosity of the sperm and high level of stress while I had an inflammation on cervix and problem with my heart. I was interested to do check up and consume Ayurveda AV as I often listened in RWS Radio Kediri. When I consumed AV Vita F, I experienced vaginal discharge for 3 days. My body's getting better gradually, not easily fatigue. After consuming a box of Ayurveda AV Vita F, the inflamation got better but still a problem in my heart so I consumed AV Circulo. After I consumed for 4 days, I felt my chest felt burning and it was painful. But after a box, it's getting better. After that I did pregnancy programme with AV Vita V and AV Vita M. I did what Mrs Sita had been told to me, the dos and don'ts. Thank God, not until 2 boxes of AV Vita F and a box of AV Vita M, I was pregnant. Now my child is one year old and very active child.

Suffered from Prostate Disorder
Mr. Suyadi
64 years old - Slautan (Sidoarjo)

My problem was I often took a pee, in every 30 minutes. Every time I did that, it's hard to do, felt burning, and the urine that came out was only a few. From USG check up, it's known that my prostate got bigger to 75 Cc. I was advised to do surgery. I didn't want to do that but this really disturb my activities and I couldn't go anywhere far. My wife is a loyal listener of El Victor radio. Then I went to Mr Nur's place to do a treatment. When I was on my way to Mr Nur's place, I took a pee because I couldn't help any longer. After doing check-up, my prostate surely got bigger and there's an infection in urinary tract. Then I was advised to consumed Ayurveda AV: AV Uri K and AV Metacare, dosage 3x2 and to do a therapy 5 times continuously, everyday.
Thank God, after a box of them, when I went to Mr Nur's place, I didn't consume them anymore. After that I was asked to consume AV Uri K and AV MBJ, the same dosage. After that, the pain slowly disappear. I became calmer when I did my activities. Next, I consumed AV Metacare and AV Uri K again; the cycle went like that. After a month, thank God, my urine wasn't burning at all, still painful but it's less, only once in 3 days. I even can travel to somewhere far. Now, I only consume AV Uri K, with dosage once a day before sleeping. Well, there's no symptoms anymore but I do that to heal totally, according to Mr Nur’s advice.

Suffered from Stroke
Mr. Sugito
56 years old - Buduran (Sidoarjo)

It’s been told by Mrs Sugito. On September 1 2016 my husband suffered a stroke in his right part of body. He did hospitalization for 10 days. His level of cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and uric acid were high. His condition after that was could not walk, could not talk. He got paralyzed whereas he’s the only one who worked. When we came home, our neighbors gave us a telephone number and address of alternative treatments: Mr Nur’s Griya Sehat HIDAYAH. Who knows it works.
A week later I went to Griya Sehat HIDAYAH because we had to save money and borrow the vehicle. In Mr. Nur’s place he did check-up. Then given two kinds of medicine, Ayurveda AV Diasol and Ayurveda AV Unilipid and did a therapy right after that. If he wanted to recover faster so he should avoid some foods. He was suggested to do therapy once in three days as many as six times. He was given dosage 3x2.
Thank God, three days after the treatment, my husband was able to walk step by step. He’s a high spirited person, immediately he wanted to take a long steps. After he run out of the medicines, he was given three kinds of herbs, Ayurveda Circulo AV, Ayurveda AV MBJ, and Ayurveda AV Unilipid with dosage 3x2. The result was better, he got stronger when he walked, got clearer when he talked. Then he was given the same and the same dosage. The result was getting better than before. He got stronger and did not need to be held. My husband's spirits was high, keep the road everywhere.
Within 2 weeks, because of Ayurveda AV and diet which was suggested by Mr Nur, there's progress in my husband's health. Now he's still under treatment by consuming AV Circulo and AV MBJ, with dosage 3x1. Our neighbors shocked to see my husband's progress. Mr Nur said that if we handle stroke immediately, it may be healed. Now he can do his activities though Mr Nur advised to do the activities calmly.

Suffering from Swelling Half Board
Mr. Syafii
66 years - Sidokerto (Sidoarjo)

I knew Mr Nur long time ago. My parent in law used to do a treatment because of heart disease and painful joints. I've checked my condition to him and it's detected heart disease. Therefore I consumed AV Circulo but only 2 boxes. One day, I felt a pain in my chest after working. The next day, my feet were swollen. I do like culinary. A day before, my brother gave me a pan of ribs soup and I ate that alone because my wife was out of town.
The day after that, my thigh and testical were also swollen and gettingn bigger. My feet were like balloons. I was scared and had no idea what's happening with me. The last time, I couldn't put on my pants. My wife asked me to do a check-up to Mr Nur. But at that time Mr Nur wasn't at his place.
My wife did consultation with Mr Nur by phone. Because I couldn't stand and walk, my wife went to Mr Nur's place and given 4 kinds of herbs: Ayurveda AV Circulo, Uri K, Metacare, and Liv Act with dosage 3x2 and did a therapy 5 days a week, monday to friday. I was scared, what happened to me me, why a half of my body swelling?
My wife asked to Mr Nur, how's my condition. Mr Nur said to see the progress in a month. We leave it all to Ayurveda AV. Thank God we still had money for a month of treatment. After 2 weeks, it was just a tiny progress. The swollen is getting smaller but only a bit. My wife did consultation again and Mr Nur said that we should increase the dosage to 5x2.
Thank God, after 5 days I could see the progress. Each day the swollen was getting smaller and smaller and after a month my body's not swelling anymore. I could ride a motorcycle to Mr Nur's place, wash my motorcycle, gardening, and other activities. The second month, I still consumed AV Circulo and AV Uri K with dosage 3x1
I still consume AV Circulo until now only for treatment, a day a capsule before sleeping. One advice from Mr Nur is to control what I eat though I like eating something with broth. But I will always remember his advice.

Suffered from Breast Cancer Stadium 2B
Mrs. Sri Hariani
46 years old - Kaliampo (Sidoarjo).

The first time I saw my left nipple sink in and painful in my left breast. It's getting bigger and I was scared. Then I did x-ray and USG in RSAL. It's found that I got breast cancer stage 2B. The verdict was to remove breast and chemotherapy.
I was totally scared because some of my friends died of breast cancer. I, too, was scared to surgery thus I tried any alternatives medicines and treatments. From herbs to supplement. I spent my money so much and it's already a year but no result. My breast was getting bigger I couldn't wear my bra. It became stiff. Everyday when I prayed, I cried. My children still need me.
From my neighbor, I knew Ayurveda AV. She's Mrs Gemi who has suffered from breast cancer and totally cured after treatment in Mr Nur's place. After doing a check-up in Mr Nur's place, I had to consume 2 kinds of Ayurveda AV: AV Vita F and AV Metacare with dosage 3x2 and therapy twice a week. I was also given the list of food that I must not consume.
Thank God, after a week consuming Ayurveda AV, my breast became softer and not stiff. The first I consume Ayurveda AV, my breast felt like burning and painful. But Mr Nur said that's how the herbs worked. Now is my 3 weeks of treatment. My breast is getting softer, only a small lump in the upper breast. I still consume Ayurveda AV as I want to be cured totally.

Suffering from Hemorrhoid
Bp. Wahyudin
41 Tahun - Cicurug Sukabumi

"Suffering from Hemorrhoid"

I am a businessman with lot of activities and like of playing badminton. In 2002 got hemorrhoid when I worked in Batam. In February 2013 my doctor recommends immediate surgery because it was entering stage 3, but I suspended to think about it and try other alternatives first. Then when I walked in Bogor, I got information about Ayurveda AV then I consumed: AV MBJ, AV Gastro, and AV Liv Act in 4 sets. Thank God now I already recovered. I didn’t even do surgery. No more itching symptoms and I can do my activity normally. Even my stamina is and less fatigue while playing badminton. Thanks Ayurveda AV.

Ulcer-Kidney-Liver-Lung Complications

"Ulcer-Kidney-Liver-Lung Complications"

Testimonial Ayurveda AV - Ika (Sidoarjo) : part 1 Testimonial Ayurveda AV - Ika (Sidoarjo) : part 2

Suffering from Heart and Joints Disorders
Mrs. Nurbaini

"Suffering from Heart and Joints Disorders"

She is RRI Padang listener who has proven the efficacy of Ayurveda AV. In November 2012 she started consuming AV Circulo, AV Liv Act, and AV MBJ. Then she has finally recovered after many years having heart and joints problems

Suffering from Heart Disorder
Bp. Amirulah
65 Tahun - Desa Kumpulan Kab. Pasaman Sumatera Barat

"Suffering from Heart Disorder"

He couldn’t do his activities, debilitating, couldn’t walk far for 6 months. He had tried many treatments before and still no progress until finally he found Ayurveda AV. He took AV Gastro, AV Uri K, and AV Circulo with dose of 3x1. Now he can walk and do his activities.

Suffering from Hemorrhoid for 50 years
Mr. Drs. H, Yuzardi Maad
58 Years - Jl. Pepaya V / 141 Belimbing, Padang - Sumatera Barat
Tlp. 081363310236

"Suffering from Hemorrhoid for 50 years "

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

I was named by my parents "Yuzardi Maad" was born in the city of Bukittinggi, precisely in Aur Atas, formerly known Aur Kuning in Jorong Aur Tigo Baleh, Aur Kuning is now known as the name of the terminal in Bukittinggi, whereas formerly it was named Simpang Tarok, I was born about 58 years ago, I was born in a merchant family, my mother sold vegetables while my father sold fresh meat. Since I was kid, my parents always gave me vegetables and meat. My mother was an expert in cooking rendang, beef jerky, soup, goulash (brain), red goulash (in kampong me is famous by the name of annyang dagiang), and horse meat rendang. I’ve eaten various kinds of Minang cuisines that are from meat since I was kid. I still remember as a child, I did not want to eat if there were no meat. But I got the effect since I was in 6 grade of primary school, my rectum was out about 10 cm when I defecate. My parents had took me for treatment but a few months after treatment, it came again with smaller sizes yet there was a blood. It went on and on. When I had been chosen as Local Legislative in my province, I got facilitation to do medical treatment to specialist doctor, I used that to treat my illness. I also went to “healer”. I’ve ever asked to sit on a hot stone after it was heated by the sun. But that way only last for one to two months after treatment. Even so, I thank God that condition was not an obstacle for my education and career. I was graduated from primary school then entered PGA, continued my college to IAIN Imam Bonjol, I even continued my study in the Middle East. Now I’m given the mandate as Vice Rector II in Muhammadiyah University of West Sumatra.

About 4 months ago I became acquainted with Mrs. Julia Nur 'aini, she is distributor of "Ayurveda AV" from India, I was given an "AV COLEX", one of series of products from Ayurveda AV, after consuming two box of AV Colex, thank God, Allah SWT gave me recovery to my sickness that I’ve been suffer for almost 50 years. I finally asked to be appointed as a distributor Ayurveda for West Sumatra, I get happiness when I give this herb to my relatives and neighbors. They always thank me after they recovered from their sickness.

Suffered from Diabetes and Cholesterol
Mr.Bambang WS
58 Years - Pekanbaru

"Suffered from Diabetes and Cholesterol"

Dear Madam, I am 58 years old retiree. I’ve been suffering diabetes and cholesterol for 10 years. Around October 2012 my blood sugar was more than 500 and cholesterol more than 300. I feel lethargy, weak, my body’s trembling when I stand up and walk, dizziness, pee frequently, and want to vomit. I checked up to Prodia Lab and took the result to internists for getting medicine as prescribed. I took the medicine for about a week but I still felt dizzy, nausea, sleepy and pain. Insha Allah I accidentally got Ayurveda AV brochure from Mr. Suhandi in retirement gathering. I tried herbal India product, Ayurveda AV package, which consists of AV Diasol, AV Uri K, and AV Liv Act.

Alhamdulillah, after 3 days consumption, combined with doctor’s prescription, it turns out well. My body’s fit and started to sweat when I move. Weariness and itching started to disappear, I didn’t pee as frequent as before, I can do my activities, and not sleepy anymore. One more reason, the price of Ayurveda AV package is more efficient than internist prescription for two weeks using which is 1: 2. Insha Allah, I will continue to consume Ayuverda package and reduce chemical drugs from doctors. That’s all, I hope I can be totally cured and wish me luck. Wassalam.

Suffered from Breast Tumor Stage 1
Mrs. Ni Made Kertiani
42 Years - Jl. Danau Bratan GG.XI / NO. 4. Sanur - Bali

"Suffered from Breast Tumor Stage 1"

At first I felt pain in the breast and swollen like boils. I got medical action, boil was broken to remove dirt (blood and pus). Followed by a regular control to Surya Husada Hospital and get medicine for pain relief. I was recommended for Mammography advanced check and the result was detected breast tumor with size of 2.5 X 1.5 cm (stage 1).

After hearing information about AYURVEDA AV on RRI Pro 4 Denpasar (in August), I began to consume AV METACARE, LIV ACT and VITA F, I consumed each product 3 x 1 (9 capsules / day) for 2 months, and was followed by red meat and chicken meat diet. After consuming 2 months routinely, the bigger size boils reappeared and bleeding and pus (smelly). I continued to do Mammography check and the result showed negative tumors (disappear). For treatment and ensure completely healed, I consumed AV VITA F and AV Metacare 1x1 for a year It is no longer feel pain and feel healthier.

Sentenced Lymph Nodes Cancer
Mr. Nengah Widyani
49 Years - Klungkung - Bali

"Sentenced Lymph Nodes Cancer"

Initially, there was a lump in the left back neck, throat ached and discomfort for more than a year (the pain comes and goes). I checked to the hospital and was sentenced Lymph Nodes Cancer. Medical advice was to do chemotherapy, but it’s not executed. Lump reappeared and grew in throat, shoulder blades and under the armpits, pelvic border got swelling, worsening condition, and tasteless when eating, loss weight up to 1.5 kg. Hearing information about Ayurveda on RRI Pro 4 Denpasar. I started taking 3 types of products, namely: AV METACARE 2 X 3, Liv act and Gastro @ 1 X 1. After consuming for a month, my appetite was increased. And after 3 months of consumption, lumps shrunk. I’ve been consuming for 4 months and start consuming AV METACARE, AV Liv Act, and AV Asmo (there is a cleansing process in the respiratory tract / expectorant) and my condition improves.

Totally Healed from Tonsils and Shortness of Breath

Mr. I Made Budantha
27 Years - Jl. Tukad Balian. Wirasatya IX / no. 5. Sidakarya - Bali

"Totally Healed from Tonsils and Shortness of Breath"

Got shortness of breath since childhood. Relapse in cold, shortness of breath and must be given oxygen. Then it followed by dizziness and got cough & cold frequently in the long term. I started consuming AV Asmo, AV Gastro, and AV Liv Act @ 1 x 1. It reduced dizziness and shortness even cured, and no more shortness of breath even though in cold weather.


Lately, there’s tonsil. Beginning with pain in the throat. ENT doctor diagnosed severe swollen tonsils. Cannot drink and eat well, the throat was in pain as if it is cut, only able to drink juice. Consuming AV MBJ, AV Metacare, AV Liv Act @ 3x1 for 30 days. In the first weeks, the pain was still felt in the throat. After 30 days, I fully recovered, swelling and inflammation were totally cured.

Prolonged Menstruation for 6 Months

Mrs. Gusti Ayu Komang Suartini
42 Years - Banjar Melinggih - Payangan - Gianyar - Bali

"Prolonged Menstruation for 6 Months"

Mom with 2 sons (age of 13 and 8). User of injectable contraception for 6 years. Initial complaints, prolonged menstruation for 6 months (without pain / weakness). Doctor diagnosed depletion of uterine wall because of injection effects. I was given medicine to regulate menstruation. When I consumed, it stopped yet when I stopped consuming the medicine, menstruation happened.


Knowing information about AYURVEDA on RRI pro 4 Denpasar, in early August. Consuming AV Metacare 3 x 1, AV Vita F 2 x 1. In the first five days after consuming, menstrual flew heavily, black thick blood and sticky for 4 days and then slowly starting to diminish and after consuming a box of Av METACARE, menstruation stopped.


Currently continue to consume AV Vita F & AV VITA Metacare as treatment. Followed by red meat and sugar diet to be healthier as well as yoga / breathing exercise and meditation every day to keep the healthy condition.

Asthma since 1978

Mr. I Ketut Rangen
59 Years - Banjar Ponopengan - Sanur Kauh - Denpasar Selatan - Bali

"Asthma since 1978"

Having asthma since 1978. For the treatment and prevention, was done medicine injection every 2 days but the conditions wasn’t improved. Result of rontgen showed spots in left lungs. Stopping medical treatment because there was no optimal improvement. Results of iridology also showed toxin accumulation in the body beside asthma. And starting to consume AYURVEDA AV ASMO, AV GASTRO, and AV LIV ACT. Initial dose was 1 X 1 and after consuming a box, increased to 2 x 1.


Previous conditions was very sensitive, can’t breathe the scent, smoke, or smell of tuwak alcohol, immediately cause dizziness, shortness of breath and felt like motion sickness. Drugs and medical treatment was stopped and after a routine consumption for one year, conditions are slowly starting to improve and improved my sensitivity.

Gallstones & Kidney Stones Recovered in 9 days
Mrs. Cecep
43 Years - Surabaya

"Gallstones and Kidney Stones Recovered in 9 days"

I’m Mrs. Cecep, 43 years old. I have repeatedly entered the hospital, do not know what happened to my health problems. I’m afraid to know. My husband said I was suffering from gallstones and kidney stones, and no menstrual periods for 2 years.


One day I listened to a talk show on Suara Giri FM, about health and its solution with Ayurveda AV solutions. There, what I heard was exactly the same as my condition. Suddenly I heard my heart said "Insha Allah, this is the cure". After explaining my problem, I was advised to consume AV LivAct and AV Uri K. And after being given an explanation about Cleansing and Rejuvenating stages, finally I decided to buy Ayurveda AV product.


In the beginning of consuming Ayurveda AV, I faced a cleansing process, there were some reactions, from lumps like hives all over the body, nausea, to dizziness. The reaction occurred during the cleansing process indicates that the condition of my liver organ was very dirty, full of toxins that must be removed, so painful but I believed I’ll be healed. In the 9th day, when I woke up I felt so fresh, I have never felt anything like that, until the next morning I woke up in a condition that was very energetic. Even in this afternoon, my condition is still fresh. In the evening I hang out with my children. Frankly, I am happy because it has been seven months can’t get out of the house. Until now, it has been almost 2 months of therapy with “Griya Sehat Herbal Ayurveda”. I consume AV Uri K, AV LivAct, AV Metacare, and AV Vita F. Alhamdulillah I was able to cook for my family, active in social activities, even I can go to my hometown in Tulungagung. Thanks Ayurveda AV!!

Gangrene wound cured totally in 7 weeks
Mrs. Siti Duraibah
50 Years - Surabaya

"Suffered from Chronic Diabetes for 13 years since 1998"

May 20, 2011 :

The wound condition was wide, wet, suppurated and stink (gangrene).
Herbal Therapy Ayurveda AV: AV Diasol – AV LivAct - AV Uri K plus AV Dermacare cream
Dosage : 3 x 1

June 4, 2011 :

The wound condition was in healing process, dried blood flaking, no longer festering and foul odor disappeared.
The wound pain was greatly reduced.

June 11, 2011 :

75% wound was in dry condition. Yellow is the color of the AV MBJ which had been opened and sprinkled on the wound.
The pain in the wound was not felt at all.

June 28, 2011 :

The wound condition was 100% healed..!
New skin grew over the scar.

July 12, 2011 :

| AV Diasol - AV LivAct - AV Uri K |
The wound was fully recovered.
The new skin grew continuously over the scar.

9.5 cm Myoma healed WITHOUT SURGERY !

Mrs. Noesye Ermawan

At first I felt the bottom of the navel, a bit to the right, was painful to the feet. My period was a bit longer, and flew heavily. After checking to a gynecologist, it’s discovered a myoma there. At first I ignored that, until five years later I couldn’t stand the pain in the lower abdomen anymore. I checked to the doctor, then did an ultrasound, at that time it’s discovered that the myoma had been enlarged to 9.5 cm, and the doctor said to do immediate surgery. On Wednesday I was given a medicine to stop the bleeding and on Monday I had to do surgery. I did not want to do surgery, because of fear.


On Monday, I went to the bank plan to take money for surgery cost. I asked Ms. Irine, costumer service of Bank Mandiri to help me taking the money. I was asked the reason why I took the money, I said for surgery. Ms. Irene prevented me to take the money and to try another way. She told about Ayurveda AV. Somehow, my heart believed that this medicine’s for me! I said yes without thinking twice and I bought those products: AV Metacare, AV Liv Act, AV Vita F. I consumed each of them 3 x 1 a day.


The day after consuming, my stomach’s getting sick, it hurts like a woman in labor. Every time I felt like going to push, I ran to the bathroom, because it came out black blood clots. On the 14th day, the scariest thing came out, black blood once and that hurt. And on the 15th day, an ugly thing like a pink lizard with a pus came out. I pull it out. Once it’s out, the pain that I felt all this time was disappear. A few days later I went back to the doctor who examined me, when he saw me, immediately he put on his sullen face, because I was stubborn patient who didn’t want do surgery. Then after examination, he was stunned, and said that I was getting better, and not necessarily to do ultrasound anymore. I wanted to shout to all my friends, to express my excitement, my soul felt called to tell all my friends and relatives that heals us is Allah SWT through Ayurveda produced by Amsar Pvt. Ltd.

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