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  • BALI - Every Sunday "Car Free Day"
  • SURABAYA 1 - Every Wednesday "Medical Check Up at El Victor Radio"
  • SURABAYA 2 - Tgl 13 & 27 Desember 2018 "Medical Check Up at Suara Muslim"
  • TULUNGAGUNG - Every Wednesday "Medical Check Up at Perkasa Radio"
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• Cahaya Visi Indonesia
• Amsar Pvt. Ltd. - India

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Established in India since 1963 and is the pioneer of Standardized Herbal Extracts Production, Amsar Pvt. Ltd. has been more than four decades as frontrunner in the herbal industry. And in the course of four decades, Amsar has produced hundreds of high quality herbal extracts which are internationally standardized.

Amsar Pvt. Ltd. - India is the only company in India which has won awards and recognition standardization of herbal quality internationally.

Vision and Mission

  • Participates in supporting the creation of HEALTHY HUMAN BEINGS.
  • Produces high quality natural products
    Supported by experienced experts, modern Science and Technology, environmentally and organically friendly production process.

Production Process

Manufacturing facilities owned by Amsar located in Indore and Goa - India is the manufacturing facility of the highest quality.

  • 100% Food Grade Stainless steel.
  • Sealed vacuum extraction unit with an installed capacity of 1500 tons/year.
  • GMP Certified.
  • Supported by solid Quality Control.
  • The Research & Development Program has been running over 30 years. And it is the first Indian private laboratories approved and certified by the Government of India.
  • R & D Amsar has international recognition and is a training destination for foreign chemists and scientists to receive practical training.
  • The entire production process of Amsar is based on SOP and executed with adequate control at every stage.
  • A production program 24/6 which will ensure the continuity and timeliness in initiating and ending of each process.
  • A complete production unit with a downtime of 4-6 hours after each batch process as a guarantee of protection against cross contamination.
  • The first major industry system in which even washing the water is tested by TLC to check for the presence of botanical ingredients beforehand.
Extraction Process
The extraction process by Amsar: done in sealed stainless steel tubes with vacuum system (all oxygen removed) and in the absence of oxygen, the natural active ingredients in the plant will not be damaged by the process of oxidation.

Through the process of vacuum (negative pressure) the water can be boiled at a temperature of 45-100 C and natural ingredients remain in good condition and stable.

This proves that the process of extraction done by Amsar produces better quality materials.

Extraction is one way in the biological removal process of natural active ingredients in plants by cooking them in the water. It can be simply described as a way to make tea. Take leaves (or other parts of plants such as roots or bark, etc.) and then boiled them in the water until the color changes to dark and the leaves become tasteless.

But, this traditional method raises many issues, such as oxidation (reaction of Water + Oxygen + natural plant materials) because of the high temperatures during the boiling process will damage the natural plant ingredients.


Green Technology Amsar


AMSAR concern for the environment began with the development of techniques that result in the production process for high yield with minimal waste and lower emissions

Amsar commitment is to develop and implement processes and manufacturing practices that are environmentally friendly and do not harm the environment impact ( zero impact on environment ).


Amsar Head Quarters :

  • Amsar Private Limited
    2, Hormuz Mansion,72, B Desai Road,
    Mumbai - 400026 Maharashtra, India
  • Factory : Indore
    Amsar Private Limited
    47, Laxmibai Nagar,
    Fort, Industrial Estate,
    Indore - 452006
    Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Factory : Goa
    Amsar Goa Private Limited
    S-12, Colvale Industrial Estate,
    Colvale, Bardez,
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